Amino Acids IV Therapy

Functional amino acids control and/or maintains metabolic pathways that are necessary for maintenance, growth, reproduction and immunity through defend or resistance against infection or toxins. Proteins are too large to be absorbed by the intestines, so they must be broken down before they reach that part of the digestive tract.

This cocktail benefits are:

  • Aid recovery and accelerate muscle development of people who exercise heavily.
  • Aid in body’s metabolism of fat.
  • helps regulate the nervous system and the muscles, and plays an important part in keeping the brain and heart healthy.
  • Can further help as an antioxidant – binding and neutralising of free radicals with detox functions
  • Reducing the oxidative damage caused by sunlight
  • Building blocks of immune components and collagen
  • Improving oxygen transfer in the circulation and cellular respiration

Reducing allergic responses by reducing histamine release

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