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Designed with sensitive skin in mind, our laser hair removal technology is safe enough to be used on any part of the body and target different skin types whilst ensuring maximum results. All of our lasers feature a unique dynamic cooling device that helps to calm, soothe and protect the skin.

Our lasers use a wide beam which allows the removal of multiple hair follicles at the same time.
Our experienced Therapists will take your skin and hair type into account before creating a personalized treatment plan with no downtime.
Laser hair removal benefits include:

  • Permanent hair reduction
  • Reduce ingrown hairs
  • Safe and effective technology
  • Convenient and cost-effective
  • With every treatment, hair grows back thinner and lighter

Laser skin rejuvenation is a skin resurfacing procedure that uses a laser to improve the appearance of the skin, sun-damaged skin, scars caused by acne, chickenpox or injuries or treat minor facial flaws. 

This treatment also decreases the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, mouth, and cheeks. Laser resurfacing can also treat loss of skin tone and improve your complexion if you have scars or sun damage.

This laser can reach fine hairs that cannot be removed by other lasers. It targets the melanin in the hair shaft and bleaches it, thus making it invisible. This is a unique solution for unwanted baby hair

The laser technology bleaches the fine hairs to give you the desired baby skin. This laser treats any type of skin: white, dark and tanned.

Carbon Peel is a revolutionary laser that is completely painless with minimal stopping to zero. It is extremely beneficial for people with oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, pale skin and acne on the face or body.

It helps in exfoliating and rejuvenates your skin, providing you with an instant fresh look. This treatment has been designed to improve the skin overall appearance by;

  • Brightening the skin
  • Reducing fine lines & wrinkles
  • Scar shrinkage (young, small scars only)
  • Lightening the skin & any surface pigmentation
  • Accelerating blood circulation & cell turnover
  • Removing active acne
  • Clearing blackheads and congestion
  • Shrinking of large pores
  • Minimize the oil production in the skin
  • Removing unwanted dead skin cells

The treatment works by applying a thin layer of the carbon mask onto the skin, which will then penetrate deep into the pores. The Spectra laser is then used on top of the mask, targeting the carbon particles within the skin. As the laser passes over the skin, it destroys the carbon particles. This abolishes any dead skin, excess oil, and impurities that the peel has engaged with, thus cleansing and exfoliating the skin simultaneously. This results in immediately smoother, firmer, and brighter skin.

Similar to Laser Rejuvenation, the treatment will also stimulate collagen and elastin fibers within the skin, assisting in smoothing out fine lines & wrinkles.

The methods used earlier for tattoo removal involved a lot of pain and discomfort. But things have changed now. With the advancement of technology, you can now undergo Laser Tattoo Removal in Clarion Medical Center as simple as it was never before

Laser treatment for acne scars aims to minimize the appearance of scars from old acne outbreaks ninety-five per cent of people who have acne have some residual scarring.

Laser Treatment for acne scars focuses light on the top layers of your skin to break up scar tissue. At the same time, the treatment encourages new, healthy skin cells to grow and replace the scar tissue.

Microblading is a technique using a super-fine pen (technically, a bundle of 12 to 15 needles) to deposit pigment into the skin. The tip is so fine that it can create hair strokes that look legit. And the needles reach only into the superficial layers of the skin, which is what makes the method semi-permanent (versus permanent, like traditional cosmetic tattoos). Think of each stroke as a little paper-cut. Compared to other techniques, Microblading gives a very natural look and better simulates hair.

Microblading can last anywhere from 12 months to three years, depending on your lifestyle. A few ways to extend it: Stay out of the sun, since it can fade the pigment, and avoid putting exfoliants (like retinol and glycolic acid) near your brows because they’ll lift the top layers of your skin with continued use—and the colour with it.

Microdermabrasion is a quick, non-invasive skin treatment, ideal for cleansing, refining and smoothing the surface of the skin. Using micro-massage, this procedure removes the surface layer of dead skin and stimulates healthy vital reactions in the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in soft and hydrated skin that glows.

This treatment suits all types of skin, including oily and dry, resulting in a treatment that’s individualized to best address your specific skin type.

Microdermabrasion can also treat different skin thicknesses, allowing it to assist with a variety of concerns, including acne, congestion, fine lines, wrinkles and dry, flaky skin. Depending on the area being treated, the process can take as little as 20 minutes to perform, with results visible after just a single session.

Our experienced skin therapists and registered nurses will guide you through the process, showing how dramatic improvements in skin conditions can be obtained, with reductions in uneven textured skin, fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, and superficial hyper-pigmentation. Microdermabrasion treatments also allow deeper delivery of active skin products such as peptides and vitamin C, helping you achieve your skin goals faster.

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